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phone: 484-437-2575
A graphic designer by trade, I became enamored with woodworking 25 years ago while looking for antiques to furnish our home. I’d spend hours admiring their unique structure and design. Soon I was reading everything I could find on furniture making, carpentry and cabinetry, and decided to do it myself. It has since become one of the most fascinating and satisfying aspects of my life. I’ve also been learning the art of metal gilding, using chemical patinazation to create stunning surface effects. Influenced initially by Swedish artisan James Krenov, I recreated simple Shaker style furnishings until finding my own muse in more modern works.
I have been exhibited in numerous venues including the Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia and the American Woodworkers Show.
If you can imagine it, I can build it. Let me bring your ideas to life in the timeless beauty of wood.